Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

- Movement reimagined -

Ultimate Urban Riding Experience

Discover Scooxi electric scooter: Sleek, powerful, and stylish. Revolutionize your commute with a 60-mile range, 40 km/h top speed, and customizable riding modes. Experience ultimate comfort, safety, and waterproof design. Elevate your ride and innovate!

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

- The Perfect Fold -

Mobility on the next level

Experience effortless portability with Scooxi electric scooter's compact folding design. In just seconds, transform your scooter into a lightweight, easy-to-carry package, perfect for storage or transportation. Make your urban adventures more convenient than ever – choose Scooxi for unparalleled foldability and ease.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi
Power with Safety

Speed with Control

Glide at 25 mph (40km/h) on Scooxi and easily monitor your speed on the intuitive
Bright LED display between the handles. The display also provides essential information, such as settings,
power level, and more, ensuring a seamless and informed riding experience.

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Comfortable Handles

Experience superior control with Scooxi's high-quality handles,
designed for optimal grip and comfort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

The City is Yours

Tackle any terrain confidently with Scooxi's advanced shock-absorbing
wheel system, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

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Removable battery Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Easy to Charge

Enjoy Scooxi's user-friendly battery system, featuring quick removal and insertion
options for seamless battery swaps and hassle-free charging.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi
- Guaranteed -

Puncture Protection

Ride confidently with Scooxi's ultra-safe tires, boasting superior puncture
protection for worry-free journeys and unparalleled durability.

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Bright Front Light

Illuminate your path ahead with Scooxi's perfect bright LED front light, ensuring maximum
visibility and safety during night time rides.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Bell with Meaning

Stay safe and alert pedestrians using Scooxi's effective bell, promoting responsible
riding and harmonious coexistence.

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wide base Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Wide and Stabile

Experience secure footing on Scooxi's non-slippery, wide base, designed for
enhanced stability and comfortable riding.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Strong Back Light

Enhance safety with Scooxi's powerful back light, ensuring high visibility
for other road users during day and night.

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Elegance on the Streets

Stay on top of the game

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

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Refundable within 30 days.

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

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Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

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Our Customers Think:

Finally what I need

"This electric scooter has completely transformed my urban travel experience. The battery swap feature is a game-changer for long journeys!"

Dean D. USA


A true lifesaver!

"I absolutely love this roller! It's incredibly comfortable to ride, and the non-slippery base makes me feel so much safer on my daily commutes."

Jenny K. USA

Fast shipping, quality product

"The front and back lights on my electric scooter provide excellent visibility during night time rides. I feel much safer knowing I'm easily seen by others."

Jonnas I. UK

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

This is just amazing

"I'm truly impressed with the puncture-resistant tires on my scooter. I can confidently ride without worrying about flats, even on rough surfaces."

Lizz C. AUS

Love it so much

"I've tried several electric scooters, but this one takes the cake! The shock-absorbing wheel system ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy city streets."

Darius D. USA

I can only advise!

"The folding mechanism on this scooter is a lifesaver. It's so easy to carry and store when I'm not riding – perfect for my busy lifestyle!"

Lily N. US

Premium electric scooter - Scooxi

Start Your New Life

Begin a new chapter of effortless urban mobility and enhanced freedom with this game-changing electric scooter.